Course Project

View a poster presentation (here) and listen to a podcast (below)

I designed the class projects to encourage students to define conservation for the 21st century. Assignments centered around students searching for examples of case studies and people that reduced conflicts between sociology, economics, and conservation and showed real ingenuity in solutions. 

I assigned students to first work in pairs to find case studies that showed innovative conservation and individually write a literature review. Then I had students present in pairs their case study to the class, and finally make posters to present at a department poster session. Finally, I had students interview a conservationist that was a model for the type of conservation they defined and create a podcast episode introducing that person.

These assignments were some of the most engaging parts of the class. If I were to do this class again, I would spend more time on the projects. For the most part, students enjoyed doing them and learned from each other as well. The podcast was the most difficult because it had so many foreign components (interviewing, recording, editing), and I think I would exchange some reflections for short audio journals so students got the hang of the technique early on in the semester. Overall, these assignments made the course and allowed students to really explore the meaning of conservation.