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I designed this portfolio to document, reflect, and improve my teaching through my participation in the Preparing the Professoriate (PTP) Program at NC State University from 2014-2015. Through this program, I worked with a faculty mentor, Dr. Craig Layman,  to observe his course and teaching style, then to develop my own course. I aspire to be an effective teacher, and to be such it is necessary to not only develop and practice methods, but to also reflect on and obtain feedback from students and teachers alike. This document encapsulates that process through the program, but this work is ongoing. 

This portfolio is interactive by design; you can follow points of interest using navigation buttons like the ones below, or in-text hyperlinks that can take you to specifically referenced pages. Because including all of the details that went into created this course would be exhaustive, I have summarized surveys and evaluations as quotes and bar graphs to make it more accessible, but the full context is available in the Artifacts page. I did this because what other people say about my teaching is important, but what I have learned from that feedback is critical to my teaching development. With that, I hope you find this portfolio informative as for the type of teacher I am, and most importantly, the type of teacher I am becoming.

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Meet My Mentor, Craig

AEC 400: Applied Ecology

                      Dr. Craig Layman, Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Ecology. 

                      Dr. Craig Layman, Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Ecology. 

Craig came to NC State in the fall of 2013 and has 9 years of faculty teaching experience. He has taught Ecology, Marine Biology, and Coastal Marine Conservation at Florida International University (FIU). FIU nominated Dr. Layman for the US professor of the Year award. FIU nominated 3 out of 3,000 faculty members. He has been a fantastic teaching and research mentor for me and has critiqued, reviewed, and supported so many of the details that went into teaching my first course. See Craig's report on my teaching here.

I observed and guest lectured for Craig Layman's Applied Ecology, AEC 400, an advanced undergraduate course that explore the use of classic ecological concepts to address some of the world's most pressing environmental issues. There were 19 students I gave two guest lectures during the course, gave Dr. Layman feedback after each class, and developed a writing assignment to further the course objectives. 

AEC 495-003: Conservation for the 21st Century

I designed and was the instructor of record for a 2-credit elective course I called Conservation for the 21st Century. Following my bell hooks philosophy, I taught the course to deconstruct biases that we have supporting that science is always right, and that being right is enough for successful conservation action. We read papers and had discussions that highlighted examples of social and economic issues that effect the success of conservation decisions and to what degree other disciplines should be incorporated to conservation science to further our goals. Students found creative solutions to these problems by creating projects that highlight case studies and people that are embody their view for conservation for the 21st century.