Student Feedback

Read the full student survey that I keep quoting from (here) and class evaluations (here) with comments (here).

I solicited feedback from students in two ways: 1. The general class evaluations that are generated for the university and 2. Creating a survey and giving to students on the first and last day of class. I go more in depth on student learning for course goals from the student survey in the DevelopmentCourse Design and Assessment sections, but here I will discuss how students evaluated the course and my teaching. Note, only 3 out of 10 students filled out the Class Eval.

Aspects of the course that students had responded most positively were the readings. I had received similar feedback from my mentor, that the readings I used for class were completely different than what he normally reads and is a good illustration of the interdisciplinary issues that we were discussing. I found that a large portion of the class completed the weekly reading assignment and was prepared for discussion. I attribute that to their personal drive, the small class size that made it obvious if someone did not read, participation points, and the engaging reading material. As noted in my peer review, I could take this a step further and include non-peer-reviewed articles to create more lively discussion.

There were clear things that I could work on from the evaluations: providing prompt feedback and being prepared for class. I think that the preparedness centers around the same feedback from my peer review, that I need a stronger introduction to each course to get the class started. I was at my most nervous in the first five minutes of class, so that tended to be the least polished portion of class. Also, now that I have a taught a class, I have better knowledge of what students struggled with, so I can better prepare lessons for the future. 

Overall, I learned that the measures that I put in place to promote student learning were effective. I still need to polish the course so students are clear at the beginning of class the goals for the day.